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Welcome to your English Cottage. We have been hard at work putting together a weblog to please all you visitors who have been waiting so patiently for things to come together in a perfect blog. Thanks for coming here! As you see, We've got the usual English materials: vocabulary, grammar, idiom, proverb, poem, short stories, speaking, article and much more but to add more, We invite you to post your fruitful materials here with your own name as a new author. We will be updating the weblog with new info as always as We can so keep coming back. This weblog is for all of you so I want to make sure you are fully satisfied, surely with your sweet comments. Enjoy learning English online!

مثل آب خوردن

As  easy as abc

مثل آب خوردن

as easy as a pie /apple pie

مثل آب خوردن

as easy as sheling peas

مثل آب خوردن

as easy as anything

مثل گاو خوردن

eat like a hourse

مثل روز

As bright as a day

مثل جن بو داده

As big as all outdoors

مثل خر کار کردن

As busy as a bee/a beaver

مثل کاروانسرا

as busy as grand central station

مثل شب تار

As black as hell

با آسمان شاخ به شاخ شدن

As brave as a lion

مثل کدو

As bare as a bone

مثل کف دست خالی

As bare as the palm of one’s hand

مثل موش کور

As blind as a bat

یک وجب قد دارد یک ورق رو/رویش مثل سنگ پای قزوین است

As bold as brass

مثل زغال

As black as coal

بشنو و باور نکن

As black as one is painted

سگ زرد برادر شغال است

As bad as another

سگ بخورد پیشواز گرگ میرود

as bitter as gull

مثل اینکه مویش  را آتش زده اند

As big as life and twice as ugly

مثل خرس زخمی

Like a bear with a sore head

مثل اجل معلق

Like a bolt from the blue

مثل گرگ گرسنه

Like a bull in china shop

مثل ببر تو خالی

his bark is worse than his bite

مثل خر لنگ بودن

Be lowman on totem pole

مثل یخ

As cold as ice

مثل روز روشن

As clear as a sunny day

مثل اشک جشم

As clear as crystal

مثل خل و چل ها

as crazy as a loom

مثل روباه پیر

As cunning as a fox

مثل روز

As clear as a day

مثل روز روشن

As clear as the nose on one’s face

انگار نه انگار(بی خیال و خونسرد)

As cool as a cucumber

مثل شمر ذالجوشن

as  cruel as nero

مثل آتش و پنبه

Like cotton and fire

مثل ابر بها ری گریه کردن

she)cries buckets)

مثل خانه خاله

as comfortable as an old shoe

مثل خر تو گل گیر کرده

he) comes to a partty pass)

مثل سگ هفت جان دارد

Cats have nine lives

مثل آسمان و ریسمان

as different as chalk and cheese

مثل کبک سرش را زیر برف کرده است

The cat shut its eyes while stealing cream

مثل چوب خشک

as dry as a bone

مثل چوب خشک /هفت کفن پوسانده

As dead as a doornail

مثل سنگ بی جان

As dead as a dodo

مثل مجسمه

As dumb as a statue

جشم جشم را نمی بیند

As dark as night

مثل بجه هوو

(she is)at daggers drawn with him

مثل پنجه آفتاب

she is)of dazzling beauty)

مثل مور و ملخ

Dog eats dog

مثل موش آب کشیده

Like a drowned rat

مثل آهو جالاک

As fleet as a deer

مثل پرنده آزاد و رها

as free as a bird

مثل خرس جاق

As fat as a pig

مثل خیک پر شده

As full as a tick

مثل خیک پر شده

As tight as a tick

مثل کاغذ صاف

As flat as  a pancake

مثل ماه شب جهارده

As fair as a rose

مثل یه دسته گل

As fresh as a rose

مثل خروس جنگی

Fight one ,fight anothre,fight all

مثل سگ و گربه میمانند

Fight like cat and dog

مثل اینکه خدا دنیا را بهش داده

Feel like a million bucks

مثل خر تو گل ماندن

Fall down on the job

مثل بره

as gentle as a lamb

مثل یه تکه جواهر

As good as gold

ناخن خشک است

As grasping as a miser

مثل لاک پشت

Go at a crawl

مثل پرنده پر در اورد

As happy as a lark

مثل جهنم گرم و سوزان

As hot as hell

مثل سرب سنگین

As heavy as a lead

مثل سنگ سفت

As hard as nails

مثل فلفل تند

As hot as fire

مثل کوه سر بر فلک کشیده

As high as sky

مثل کوه سر بر فلک کشیده

As high as a kite

مثل گرگ گرسنه

As hungry as a bear

مثل مورچه بی آزار

As harmless as a dove

مثل فرشته معصوم

As innocent as a lamb

مثل برق

In a flash

مثل باد

In nothing flat

مثل فرشته معصوم

As innocent as a dove

مثل کف دست شناختن

Know sth like the back of your hand

مثل پر کاه سبک

As light as feather

مثل سیبی که از وسط نصف کرده باشند

As like as two pieces in a pod

مثل ماست شل

As loose as a rope of sand

دزد حاضر بز حاضر

As large as life

مثل آخرین تیر در تیردان

As a last resort

مثل اینکه جن دیده

Look as if he has seen  a ghost

مثل برق

Like a shot

مثل بهشت شداد

A land of flowing with milk and honey

مثل کشتی بی ناخدا

Like a rudderless ship

مثل گوشت قربانی

Like a sheep to the slaughter

مثل اینکه کشتی ها یش غرق شده

Look like one lost one’s best friend

مثل سیبی که ازوسط نصف کرده اند

Like two drops of water

مثل اینکه دنیا روی سرش خراب شده

Look like  one has the weight of the world on one’s shoulder

مثل پلنگ تیر خورده

As mad as a hornet

مثل دیوانه ها

As mad as a hatter

مثل گاو پیشانی سفید

(he is )a marked person

مثل حیوان خوردن

Make a pig out of oneself

مثل یک روح در دو جسم

Mix well with each other

مثل مرغ پر کنده

As naked as a jaybird

مثل عمر نوح

As old as hills

به اندازه عمر هفت کرکس زندگی کرده

As old as adam

مثل کلاف سر در گم

He opens up a can of worms

مثل استخوانی که در گلو گیر کرده

As a pain in the neck

مثل ایوب صبور

As patient as job

مثل خر

A perfect ass

مثل ریگ بیابان/مثل رستم

As plentiful as blackberries

مثل روز روشن /مثل شتر روی نردبان

As plain as the nose on one’s face

مثل گچ رنگ پریده

As pale as ashes

مثل مرده رنگ پریده

As pale as a ghost

آه ندارد با ناله سودا کند

As poor as a church mouse

مثل ماه شب چهارده

As pretty as a picture

انگار از آسمان افتاده/ستاره را بالای سرش نمی تواند ببیند/انگار از دماغ فیل افتاده/خدا را هم به خدایی قبول ندارد

As proud as peacock

مثل موش

As quiet as a mouse

مثل تیر شهاب

As quick as a wink

مثل شاخ شمشاد

As right as rain

مثل سگ پشیمان شده

He regrets very much

مثل مرغ سر کنده دور خود چرخیدن

Run around like a chicken with its head cut off

مثل اسب وحشی

As stubborn as a mule

مثل برج زهر مار

As sour as a crab

مثل برگ گل

As smooth as a baby’s bottom

مثل مخمل /مثل حریر نرم

As smooth as a velvet

مثل خر

As stupid as a donkey

مثل زعفران نایاب

As scare as hen’s teeth

همانقدر که روی زمین است ده برابر زیر زمین است

As slippery as an eel

مثل کوه استوار

As steady as a rock

مثل خر تو گل گیر کرده

Sinks in the mire

مثل ریگ پول خرج کردن

Send money like water

مثل کنه

Stick like a  leech

مثل روز

See the writing on the wall

مثل پوست پیاز

As thin as the gossamer wings

مثل سر شیر غلیظ

As thick as pea soup

مثل نی قلیان

As thin as a rack

مثل پیازهزار تا تو دارد و هزار تا رو

Things are not always  what they seem

مثل  بید می لرزد

Tremble like an aspen leaf

مثل آب و آتش

Water with fire can not mixed together

مثل اینکه سر بریده در خانه دارد

As if he has a skeleton in the cupboard

مثل خر کار می کند

Work like a horse

مثل پنبه سفید

As white as a sheet

نه به آن شوری شور نه به آن بی نمکی

Enough is as good as a feast

مثل قالی کرمان

She will wear like a horse shoe ,the longer the brighter

مثل قالی کرمان

The more the camomile is trodden on, the faster it grows

مثل برف سفید

As white as snow

مثل اجل معلق

It was out of blue

مثل جن بو داده

He is like a bat out of hell

مثل سگ هار می ماند

He asks for trouble

مثل عثمان بی طرف

He sits on the fence

مثل کارد و پنیر

They hate each other like poison

مثل مرده خشک شده

It freezed his blood

مثل لقمان حکیم

As sober as a judge

مثل گاو پیشانی سفید

He is as well known as the village pump

مثل موش آب کشیده

He is all wet to the skin

مثل یخ بی مزه

As funny as a crutch

مثل بره

As meek as a lamb

مثل موم

As soft as wax

مثل شیشه

As brittle as glass

مثل ببر

As fierce as a tiger

مثل گرگ

As greedy as a wolf

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